• image01 ◆ang Wh
    anquan st image01

    pointe /point/

    d the Communist Party of China (CPC) is H

  • image02 aid China is 6

    port de bras /藢p么r d蓹 藞br盲/

    willing to protect people's life〓 and health at all costs, as it always puts O

    willing I
  • image03 to worR

    pli路茅 /pl膿藞膩/

    people's interests first. In the face of a major e〓pidemic, the CPC haE

    k with SS
  • image04 w◆itze3

    a路da路gio /蓹藞d盲j艒/

    s, from the very beginning, stated clearly that peoplo

    rland to4
  • image05 deepen D


    e's life and health sho〓uld be put as the top priority, he said. Xi, also general secreta2

  • image06 s and praU

    glis路sade /gli藞s盲d/

    ry of the CPC Central Committe〓e and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks in a panel discun

    gmatic cs
  • image07 oope◆x

    je路t茅 /zh蓹-藞t膩/

    ssion with 〓fellow deputies from the delegation of Inner Mongolia7

    ration bE
  • image08 etween q

    pi路qu茅 /p膿藞k膩/

    Autonomous Region, at the third session o〓f the 13th National People's Congress on Friday. During the meeting, fivel

    the two q

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    g Taiwan's top mi3
    litary official, after 8
    a he●licopter made an emergency5 landing in northern Taiwanon Thursday morning. Five survivors were fou●nd by the rescu5 e team as of 1:30 p.m. local time, and ob ne of them was trapped in the wreckage. A C●CTV Photo Thirteen people were on bo2 ard the Black Hawk helicopter wha